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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!  I just had to let you know that my daughter Ali was at your Jr.& Sr. High Adventure camp last week and had the time of her life!  It's all she talks about day and night!  She's been Facebooking, texting and calling all of her new friends since the minute she got home.  Her birthday is Saturday and she has several of her new buddies actually coming to celebrate her birthday. They are also all trying to plan some kind of get together in the coming month before school starts.  Also one of the first things she said to me when she got home was "can I go again next year"!  Being a "camp" kid myself I couldn't be happier to hear those words come from her mouth.  Her little sister will be coming next year too!  Thanks so much for all of the great memories- Camper Mom 7/20/11

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"You guys were amazing!"

I know my son, Carter, had the BEST time! You guys were amazing! Thank you! I thought for sure that he would get (a little) homesick, but he told me that he would have liked to have stayed for two weeks! Did I mention, he's 7, and it's his first time?! I could hardly get him to leave :)