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Apply Now (Seasonal Jobs and Paid Internships) 

Position Priority Placement Applications are due on January 31st. Turning in your application before this date, helps us consider you for your position preferences. It may be harder to honor your preferences if turned in after this date.

About the Job:

You can work anywhere this summer, or you can do something that matters eternally! One of the main responsibilities of staff at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp is to share the Gospel. We are in the business of impacting campers through the story of Jesus. Our camp sits on 250 acres in Northeast Ohio surrounded by towering hardwoods, scenic Mohican hills, and natural streams. We offer a variety of camps that include horseback riding, archery, marksmanship, crafts, canoeing, climbing tower, zip line, lake time on our beach, and so much more. We are seeking spiritually and emotionally mature individuals who have experienced forgiveness and who are actively pursuing Jesus. The summer staff team provides Summer's Best Adventure to hundreds of kids and teens, pointing campers towards better relationships with each other and with Jesus. If you want to significantly change your life and the lives of others forever click "Apply Now" to submit an application and start your Summer's Best Adventure.

2023 Summer Dates:

Program & Support Training: May 24-27*

Staff Training: May 30- June 9**

Kinder Camp: June 9-10

Term 1: June 11-16

Retreat 1: July 16-17

Term 2: June 18-23

Retreat 23-24

Term 3: June 25-30

Week Off: July 1-July 8

Term 4: July 9-July 14

Term 5: July 16- July 21

Staff Banquet: July 22**

*Required for Program & Support Staff

**Required for ALL STAFF

***All staff may not be required for Retreat 1 & 2. Supplemental pay may be given if this retreat is worked. 

P.S. If you can only work certain weeks for summer, we welcome your application! CIT & Counselor positions are available for weekly contracts. We will be willing to discuss this option with you. Please state this in your application if it applies to you.


2023 Summer Positions & Pay:

Our Positions are flexible & may be able to work as internships!

Cabin Counselors

  • We are looking for individuals (18+) who have a deep love for Jesus. Counselors are responsible for leading on average a group of 12 campers through daily activities in a camp week. Counselors provide leadership and supervision to campers. Counselors also are trained in various activities around the camp to help facilitate camper growth and development. Assist in providing leadership and growth opportunities to our Jr. Staff. Counselors will also assist in retreat activities and other camp areas as necessary.  We encourage counselors to be available through the duration of the summer but accept weekly contracted counselors as well.

        Previous Experience: Experience with children is preferred. 

Counselors in Training (CITs)

  • We are looking for individuals (16 & 17) who have a deep love for Jesus. They are to assist counselors with counseling responsibilities. They assist in providing leadership and supervision to campers. They will lead and assist in executing some daily activities. They assist in other areas of the camp as necessary. They may also assist in retreat programming and activities. Despite our CITs usually staying the whole summer, they have the option to choose weeks that best fits their schedule.

        Previous Experience: No experience required. Experience with children preferred.

Program & Support Staff

Head Counselors

  • We are looking for individuals (18+) who have a deep love for Jesus. Head Counselors lead, assist and execute the daily program activities including games, meals, and adventure activities. They assist in scheduling, cabin assignments, inventory of programming materials, and management of program areas. They support and manage our camp team through collaboration. They will also assist in retreat activities and other areas of camp as necessary. 

Previous Experience: One year of summer camp experience is required. Experience with children is required. Experience with programming, scheduling, or leading a team is preferred.

Camper Advocate

  • We are looking for an individual (18+) who deeply loves Jesus. The Camper Advocate is responsible for collaborating and communicating with parents/guardians about their campers throughout the camp week. Support the camp team by providing problem-solving tools, leadership, and information to properly handle camper situations. Assist and support other camp areas as necessary, this includes retreat programming and activities.

Previous Experience: One year of summer camp experience is required. Experience with children and parents is preferred. 

Camp Health Officer

  •  We are looking for an individual who loves Jesus. Their responsibilities include delivering camper medications, inventorying the medical supplies, updating medical records, communicating with parents as needed, and addressing health concerns for campers and staff, using the camp's standing orders to determine the best treatments and care. It is important to note, given the specific duties of the camp officer, the person who holds this position will not be operating under their license. They will assist in other areas as needed. Including retreat activities and programs.

Previous Experience: Experience with children in a clinical setting is preferred. Nursing college majors, RNs, BSN, EMT certification, or similar education is required. 

Jr, Staff Lead

  • We are looking for an individual who has a deep love for Jesus. They are to assist in managing the Jr. Staff Program (Counselor in Training & Leaders in Training). They are to assist in supervising and providing leadership to the other CITs. They are to provide support, feedback, and opportunities for growth through collaboration. They are to assist in other camp areas, including retreat activities and programs. We usually prefer this position for a previous CIT of Pleasant Hill, if interested otherwise please mention it in the interview!

Previous Experience: Experience being CIT for at least one year at PHOC is preferred. One year of camp experience is required. Experience with managing a team is preferred. 

Chapel Coordinator

  • We are looking for an individual (18+) who deeply loves Jesus. They are to provide leadership and spiritual development to campers and staff. They are to creatively and effectively communicate the summer’s theme and God’s word to both staff and campers. They develop and execute the chapel curriculum and program. They must also coordinate the production of the chapel program which may include but is not limited to lights, sound, worship, and skits. They are to manage and take inventory of the chapel area. They will also assist in other camp areas as necessary, including retreat activities and programs.

Previous Experience: At least one year of summer camp experience is required. Experience with public speaking or teaching is required. Experience with children is preferred. 

*Given their unique positions Program & Support staff are expected to be available for the duration of the summer. 






Starting at $150/week

$5/Previous LIT

$5/Returning CIT

$5/every Applicable Cert

$15/Jr. Staff Lead Position


Starting at $275/week

$5/Returning Counselor

$5/ Previous CIT

$5/Previous Camp Experience

$5/for every Applicable Cert

Head Counselors

Camper Advocate

Health Officer

Chapel Coordinator

Starting at $325/week



*Starting Health Officer pay will vary based on the level of education and the certification(s) the individual may hold. This starting salary is low-end and it varies with experience.

$5/Returning Staff Member

$5/Returning Program & Support Staff

$5/Previous Camp Staff Experience

$5/every Applicable Cert

Below is the pay rate for our summer positions. Each week that camp is in session, a staffer will receive weekly pay. Staff training are separate and staff members will receive prorated pay for that time. Payroll will be submitted every two weeks, and directly deposited into the staff members’ accounts.

*Applicable certifications include but are not limited to Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, Babysitting & Advanced Child Care, and Wilderness First Aid certifications. The certifications must be applicable to the position in order to be applied.

*Returning Counselor & Staff Member Incentive is $5/per returning year

*To receive the previous camp experience incentive, the staff member must be working at PHOC for the first time

*Each position does have a cap number of incentives that can be applied. The negotiation of pay (including incentives) is up to the Executive and Program Director

Apply Now (Seasonal Jobs and Paid Internships)

Resources for Staff


Pleasant Hill believes strongly that supporting each summer staff member is essential. We are genuinely concerned that you have a dynamic, growth-filled experience. So, we provide the following resources for all summer staff:

Training- Staff members receive extensive orientation and training before campers arrive. Camp policies, Child protection policies, emergency procedures, counseling skills, and practical experience in all phases of camp operation are some of the areas addressed.

Staff Builders- staff gatherings throughout the day for devotions and prayer.

Open Office- Full-time staff members are available YEAR-ROUND to meet with you for support, advice, and encouragement.

Need to know more?

Call us at 419-938-3715



It's the best thing ever


"I'm so glad I found you guys for my son Casey. It's the best thing ever. He loves all the staff...thanks to all and see you guys sooner than later."