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Back to School

When summer days start disappearing several minutes sooner every evening and chilly mornings hint that Fall is waiting to fill the woods with color, most of us head back to school! Whether this fills you with dread or inspires you with excitement, the institution of learning is a reality we all must encounter. So, we have a choice. We can grimly endure it, gripe our way through it, and generally pout as we wade through the next nine months of misery, or we can face our destiny boldly and take as much away from the experience as we can. As Gandalf shared with Frodo Baggins "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

A Cabin Conversation

A Cabin Conversation

"If God is so powerful, why doesn't He just take away all the pain and suffering from the world?" one of my campers asked after evening chapel. Our group was having follow-up conversation in the cabin, and I could tell that a trite answer like, "It's all part of His plan," was not going to be helpful or satisfying to the camper in this situation. I also knew that God has amazing plans for our lives even when everything seems to be going wrong. The question reminded me of a Bible character named Job.

We Welcome Camp Kesem!

We are pleased to welcome Camp Kesem to the Mohican Forest this week as students from Carnegie Mellon University operate a week of summer camp for kids whose lives are impacted by cancer.


Welcome Liberty High School Girl's Cross Country


Running, hiking, volleyball, team building, motivational sessions, lake time, and slip'n'slide are all part of coach Dewese's season opening Cross Country Camp. As the team trains every morning on the P.H.O.C. trail network, he is encouraged by the returning talent and by the promise he sees in new team members.

Celebrating the Staff

"I may be a duck, but I don't waddle." or "What did the grass say to the lawn mower? AH! Don't cut me!" are just two of many inside jokes that our staff shared all summer long. After a summer of intense work and lighthearted fun, we want to say a very serious thank you to the 30+ high school and college students who poured out their hearts for Jesus and for the campers this season.

Staff Camp News.jpg

Looking Forward

As campers enjoy the final week of Adventure Camp at P.H.O.C., we are so thankful for the hundreds of kids and for the staff who shared this Summer's Best Adventure with us. We also look forward to the many teams, churches, families, schools, and businesses who plan to visit over the next few months!


Retreat season begins Sunday! So come Rest, Refresh, and Reconnect surrounded by the beautiful forest, incredible sunsets on the lake, and the many trails that Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp offers.

Half Way!

Here we are, half way into the Pleasant Hill summer camping season, and we are SO thankful for the 470 campers who have joined us for Summer's Best Adventure!

The weather has continued to be amazing, which has allowed some campers to 

Summer Camp is Underway!

Summer's Best Adventure is off to a great start at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp! More than 130 campers have joined us in Perrysville Ohio over the past 2 weeks to learn about Jesus by having fun in a safe, outdoor, environment.

Here as some of the things we are celebrating this season...

Kindercamp . . . What Fun!

Last weekend camp was filled with children, parents and grandparents having a blast staying overnight and packing in 24 hours of fun.  The well-trained staff led them in crafts, archery, hiking, waterfront activities and much more.  Perhaps one of the highlights was toasting marshmallows over a campfire and enjoying sticky, gooey, yummy s’mores!  Our regular camp season begins on June 19.  Sign up now for Summer’s Best Adventure!

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