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Thank you to all who joined us at the ribbon cutting to celebrate Brown Retreat Center!

Thank you for cookies baked by Ellie Molnar (P.H.O.C. Hospitality Director) and seasonal decorations arranged by Vicky and Brianna Swiger (Brianna is a summer staff member, former camper, and she and her mom currently sit on one of P.H.O.C.'s three volunteer committees).

Thank you for spinach and artichoke dip provided by Pump House Catering, and thank you to the Ashland Chamber of Commerce for visiting camp and facilitating the ribbon cutting.

Thank you to those who's vision, financial resources, and sweat equity made Brown Retreat Center what it is today.

Brown Retreat Center was originally a small cabin. However, Keith Brown spearheaded the physical efforts and financial resources necessary to transform that cabin to a full living space complete with bathrooms, showers, meeting space, sleeping space, and a functioning kitchen. Following the initial remodelling, nearly half of the interior still required new wood paneling and some final touches to make all three bathrooms functional.

Thanks to the recent volunteer efforts of Bob Haugh, who worked almost daily for two months to complete the project, and the help of Dick Wiles, Dave Apel, and Terry Barnett, all the wood paneling is installed. All thre batrooms work beautifully, new warm light fixtures have replaced flouresent bulbs, and the Brown Retreat Center is finally the space it was intended to be.

The Brown Retreat Center is now open for:

  • Corporate Meetings
  • Church Leaders
  • Retreat Groups
  • Family Gatherings
  • Summer Campers
  • And more!

We pray that this space inspires community and healthy relationships for every group that uses it, and we hope that every person feels safe, challenged, and loved as they experience the love of Jesus in the space provided by Brown Reteat Center.

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