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Early this spring, the Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp board approved the release of $2,200.00 for the camp's Legacy Fund to send more kids to summer camp in 2017. As a result, 14 children attended an incredible adventure that seemed out of reach only a few months ago.

One child, (who we'll call Brian to protect his true identity) typically received assistance through his casweworker. However, this year the funding ran out, and Brian found himself unable to attend. Devestated, Brian and his mom assumed that camp was not an option. However, Brian's caseworker decided to see if their was something camp could do to help. Imangine the excitement Brian's family experienced when they learned that a new grant released by the camp would allow them to attend a full week of programming for the only amount they could afford... $35.

"We believe every kid should go to camp," says camp director, Mark Gray, "regardless of their family's ability to afford it. It brings us great joy to know that one more child gets to go to camp."

This desire to see more kids experience a transformational week of summer camp is shared by each member of the non-profit's volunteer board. Having worked with several generous donors to establish this fund ten years ago, board members are thrilled that the fund has reached a point that a disbursement is possible.

The fund is desinged so the interest from the principle investment can provide scholarships for campers and sustain the original fund balance for generations to come. This year's scholarship release represents the first of many annual scholarship amounts to be provided to kids in the future.

"Our only regret is that we can't dispurse more," the camp director notes. "This fund is lifechanging for many kids, and it is a gamechanger for Ohio families. The larger the fund grows, the more lives it impacts."

Currently, it takes about $550 to cover one week at summer camp. With the camp able to disburse between 3% and 5% of the fund value each year, Mark shares, "When the fund value reaches $5 million, this high value summer camp program becomes available to 500 kids every summer at almost no cost to them."

These kids are future leaders, politicians, business owners, pastors, teachers, and parents.

Thinking about the impact summer camp makes on the life of each camper, Mark adds, "Just think, with $5 million, we can transform a generation."

Visit the camp's Legacy Fund page to learn more and to make you donation. All gifts are tax deductible.

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