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We've all asked ourselves whether or not what we believe matters. But have we really found an answer? Beyond that, do we even know where to begin looking for an answer? As humans, we only have two places find information: Ourselves, when we choose to trust our senses, emotions, and personal experience; or Others, when we choose to trust a book, a friend, or an authority figure. Unfortunately, both ourselves and others can get us into trouble, and it can be increasingly difficult to discern the answer to one of humanity's primary quesitons, "What is true?"

Regardless of how we choose to approach this question, I believe there is at least one way to know we AREN'T on the right track; and that is when we tell other people to live like us even if they think we are wrong. No matter how right we may be, imposing behaviors on other thinking adults comes across as mean-spirited. Sure it may be for their own good. Sure it might save them some heartache. Those are excellent excuses for forcing someone to conform to our opinion. But they are just excuses. No matter how right we may be, imposing our will on someone else ALWAYS does one thing... it breaks the relationship.

Unfortunately, coercing people to live like us is something that has become common for Christians. We even expect that our government should help with this effort. The irony is that Jesus did the opposite. His ministry was about healing relationships, not breaking them. His political involvement was entirely absent, and the ONLY people he responded to with anger were the religious leaders who were experts on making everyone follow the rules.

At this Christian summer camp in Ohio, we don't have a political stance. We don't fight for global impact, and we don't set out to convert everyone to our way of thinking. This may lead you to ask, "Does your faith even matter?" Sure it does. What Jesus did mattered, and our dream is to do one thing well - to live and love like Jesus, so every person can experience His love. Of course we're not perfect, but we do love you, no matter what!

Whatever your background, whatever your faith, whatever your race, whatever your lifestyle choices, we invite you to visit us at Summer's Best Adventure. We promise that you will be safe, challenged, and loved. See you soon! 

P.S. - Read the article from Benjamin Sledge that inspired this post:

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