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Sometimes it feels like there is so much going wrong in the world that there is nothing one person can do about it. Surely one person can't overturn major cultural misunderstandings. Surely one person can't solve worldwide injustice. Surely one person is too small to fix problems so big. Discouragement can easily set it leaving us asking along with the King of Rohan from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, "What can men do against such reckless hate?"

When we feel this cloud of doubt, I believe there is hope! It is not a big overwhelming hope that somehow one person can overturn an entrenched system of injustice or single handedly destroy everything evil. It is a small, comforting hope. It is a hope that exists because our doubts are TRUE!

We can't fix all these enormous problems by ourselves - but we have hope because we aren't supposed to. We aren't supposed to change the world by powerfully imposing change on everyone else. Our job is much smaller. But that job, when done well, is infinitely more effective.

Our small job is to love God and love our neighbors. We should seek justice for individuals, care for the poor, and heal the broken places that ARE in our power to impact. Even the most controversial and most impactful figure in history, Jesus Christ, did not set out to launch a massive political campaign. He did not set out to overthrow an oppressive government. Instead, he set out to love people, forgive wrongs, and heal sickness. Instead of protesting, he loved and listened. Instead of raising money, he gave everything he had. Instead of building an army, he invited 12 disenfranchised disciples on a 3 year no-frills camping trip.

And somehow, with no advertising, no networking, and no resources, love changed the world.

Whether you like the national anthem or want to take a knee with Colin Kapernick, whether you say #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter or #bluelivesmatter, whether you love Mr. Trump or march the streets in protest, there is one universal question to consider.

Are you changing the world with love?

Even when we can't create universal changes overnight, we can always love our neighbor. We can always ensure the person in line with us at the supermarket is being treated with respect, and we can always give up a little bit of our own comfort to serve someone else.

That is why there is hope. Not because one person will topple an entire system of injustice, but because sharing Jesus through small acts of love ALWAYS changes the world.

If you want an example of a simple thing you can do, here is a great one:

(borrowed from Ainsworth Forgenie @thecosmicteacher)

A resource for you from Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp, a Summer Camp in Ohio

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