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When 59% of millennials from Christian homes are leaving church, that is a good indicator that something has gone wrong! As a Christian summer camp, we are included among the guilty parties. Like it or not, we can't blame this shift away from church on Donald Trump or Barack Obama. We can't blame it on "culture," or immoral T.V. shows, or the "media." When things swing drastically in the wrong direction, the solution cannot be found in blaming others. The solution only happens when we look at our own shortcomings and then adjust to make things better.

This summer camp exists so people can experience the unconditional love of Jesus, and as we look at our own weaknesses and adjust to serve people better, we love to hear what can be improved. Sam Eaton from "Faith It" offers some interesting opinions and suggestions about what might have gone wrong and what could be done to make it right.

Here is a few things we will do in 2017 to grow and adjust:

  • Training our staff to connect: Sam says, "Create and train a team of CONNECT people whose purpose is to seek out the outliers... during... events. Explicitly teach people these skills as they do not come naturally to most of the population."
  • Eliminating the "Sermon" from Chapel time in favor of interactive learning and relational moments: Sam says, "Preaching just doesn’t reach our generation like our parents and grandparents. See: millennial church attendance. We have millions of podcasts and Youtube videos of pastors the world over at our fingertips. For that reason, the currency of good preaching is at its lowest value in history. Millennials crave relationship, to have someone walking beside them through the muck. We are the generation with the highest ever percentage of fatherless homes. We’re looking for mentors who are authentically invested in our lives and our future."
  • Moving time and dollars to serve the community... with no strings attached: Sam says, "It’s time to focus on changing the public perception of the church within the community. The neighbors, the city and the people around our church buildings should be audibly thankful the congregation is part of their neighborhood."

We are excited to see you at camp this summer. We know we aren't perfect, but we hope more than anything that, even as we make mistakes, you will experience Jesus here.

Check out the full article from Sam Eaton at

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