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Helping kids believe positive truth is exactly what summer camp is designed for! However, as a parent, it is hard to maintain that positivity with my own kids year round. Here is a cool tip from an article I read that can help. Thank you Huffington Post.

Arguments are wonderful things! -- As long as we're arguing with ourselves. All of us get stuck in unhealthy "thought holes" sometimes. As adults, we know it is important to find our way back to positive mindsets quickly, so we can believe the best about others and about ourselves.

As kids, overcoming negative thoughts can be pretty challenging. But, learning to argue with our own negative thinking is a strategy we can share with our children to help them embrace their potential.

Our kids have amazing potential! Sometimes, they just need a reminder. Check out the "3 Cs" (Check, Collect, Challenge) at the end of this article for three action steps that will help our kids (and help us) fight negative thoughts. 

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"She loved her counselors..."

"I just wanted to tell you how much our daughter enjoyed herself this summer at your camp. This was her, our, first experience and it couldn't have been better! She loved her counselors and the entire experience. When she first approached us about a summer camp, I was hesitant and overwhelmed. I searched for camps and yours stood out. You answered my questions and your staff helped me with payments; all of which was appreciated. When we arrived to drop her off, the check in procedure was helpful and easy. Everyone made us feel welcome. While she was there, we were able to catch up via the pictures your staff took which made us feel connected. When we picked her up she couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had. Thanks so much!"