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A Cabin Conversation

"If God is so powerful, why doesn't He just take away all the pain and suffering from the world?" one of my campers asked after evening chapel. Our group was having follow-up conversation in the cabin, and I could tell that a trite answer like, "It's all part of His plan," was not going to be helpful or satisfying to the camper in this situation. I also knew that God has amazing plans for our lives even when everything seems to be going wrong. The question reminded me of a Bible character named Job.

So, I picked up my Bible, turned to the book of Job, and began reading. As I read, a normally rowdy group of teen boys listened silently with rapt attention to the story of how Job lost everything. He lost his wealth, his home, his health, and his family, but he still maintained his faith in God. Even though God never answered Job's questions about why bad things happen, God ultimately healed Job. He also restored seven times his original wealth and immensely blessed his family.

After reading the story of Job, I shared part of my own testimony about how God pulled me through difficult circumstances. I was able to share how He even used those trials to help me grow closer to Him.

Each camper began to tell about the ways God has used suffering in their lives to help them identify more with Christ and how those experiences help them understand God's love even better. Many of the guys in the cabin were crying as we identified moments of mutual pain and sadness. Then, we rejoiced together as we left the sorrow behind and embraced the healing that is available through the redemption and love of Christ!

 ~ Written by a counselor in Fox Den during the summer of 2016


You create life changing conversations when you give the gift of camp.


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