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Change is one of the most consistent things about camp ministry...

In a brief time, campers turn into staff members. Staff members transform from quirky college students into successful adults with families and responsibilities of their own, Camp itself changes with new buildings springing up, old buildings breaking down, and programs perpetually shifting to match the current needs of our world. Amid all of this, every year brings new adventures, new joys, and new challenges. For those in the camping profession, change is welcome. Change forces us to grow. Change provides the opportunity to learn. Most importantly, change creates chances to build relationships that impact the future forever.

This summer at P.H.O.C., the pattern of change continued. We hired a new Executive Director. The Executive Director and his family moved into a newly completed house on camp property. A new office manager now keeps processes smooth for groups and staff. A new cook brings amazing flavors to the table every meal. Over fifteen new college and high school-age students are part of our summer staff team, and more than 600 kids experienced Summer's Best Adventure this June and July. Through these changes, camp rolls on.

Now, at the end of our summer season, we prepare for another change as we celebrate the many retreat groups that plan to join us this Fall. Cross country teams are already training on the beautiful camp trails. Church congregations prepare to be refreshed as they roast marshmallows over fall fires on the beach, and hardworking professionals anticipate reconnecting with their team members as they take much-needed time to think and plan away from the office.

All of this happens because of you. Thank you for attending summer camp. Thank you for supporting this ministry financially. Thank you for volunteering your time, and thank you for telling others about Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp. In this place, every season is unique, and every season is beautiful. Thank you for making it that way.

There is still time to book a Fall or Spring retreat!


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