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Summer's Best Adventure is off to a great start at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp! More than 130 campers have joined us in Perrysville Ohio over the past 2 weeks to learn about Jesus by having fun in a safe, outdoor, environment.

Here as some of the things we are celebrating this season...

  • The weather is excellent! We praise God that we are sleeping under the stars, canoeing, swimming in the lake, using the slip’n’slide, and more without any interruption from rain.
  • The staff are dedicated!  Everywhere we look campers are laughing, having fun, and trying new things because the counselors, grounds crew, kitchen team, and volunteers do everything with an attitude of service.
  • Miracles are happening! God is providing for the daily needs of camp in amazing ways through the generosity of people who love Him and who love this place. Thank you!
  • Camp is saturated with the Gospel! Every camper is experiencing Jesus’ love from their counselors, and campers are learning how much God wants to connect with them in a personal way.

Thank you for sharing the Gospel and allowing campers to try new experiences through your prayer, volunteering, and giving. You are making an incredible difference!

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