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A word from new Executive Director Matt Grant

Since I have been able to walk I have spent my most of my life within the Christian camp world.  My father was an Executive Director at a Christian Camp for 40 years.  As a child I would follow my father around camp as he directed staff, led programs and performed many of the other duties that Executive Directors do.  Only God would know that years later I would follow in his footsteps and become an Executive Director myself. 

Staff Reflections - Hospitality Edition

Ellie Molnar, Hospitality and Outreach Director


However far we find ourselves off the path God intends for us, He has a way of always bringing us back. Back to our home, our roots, where we are best used to share our Father’s love and glorify Him.

Summer Camp Endowment

Early this spring, the Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp board approved the release of $2,200.00 for the camp's Legacy Fund to send more kids to summer camp in 2017. As a result, 14 children attended an incredible adventure that seemed out of reach only a few months ago.

Irrelevant Faith

We've all asked ourselves whether or not what we believe matters. But have we really found an answer? Beyond that, do we even know where to begin looking for an answer? As humans, we only have two places find information: Ourselves, when we choose to trust our senses, emotions, and personal experience; or Others, when we choose to trust a book, a friend, or an authority figure.

Choosing joy at summer camp

Summer camp is a place where you are safe, have fun, feel loved, AND... you get challenged! Sometimes it is the challenge of trying a brand new activity. Sometimes it is the challenge of choosing a joyful heart during a difficult situation. Sometimes it is the challenge of navigativing new relationships or learning to make independent choices without your parents being an arm's reach away.

Rafting Trips Scheduled for Summer Camp!

If you are attending Teen Adventure, or T.I.L.T., some of you get to go WHITEWATER RAFTING!!! I am so excited about this. Instead of rafting being a more expensive "add-on," this overnight one-day trip is INCLUDED as part of the week long summer camp program for the oldest teens.

Are we seeking justice?

Sometimes it feels like there is so much going wrong in the world that there is nothing one person can do about it. Surely one person can't overturn major cultural misunderstandings. Surely one person can't solve worldwide injustice. Surely one person is too small to fix problems so big.

Benefits of Summer Camp

Summer camp is fun, but that is never the goal of any good camping program. Parent Guide News identifies at least 6 important ways summer camp can benefit your child. At Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp, we believe fun is a gateway to the most important lessons we will ever encounter.

You can read the Parent Guide News article "Summer Camp Benefits" for yourself HERE.

Annual Report 2016

Thank you for a wonderful year! Review this past season of Summer Camp and Group Retreats with us at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp in Ohio.

Whether you rooted for the Browns or the Cavaliers, whether you voted for Hillary, or Trump, if you were involved at camp this year you made a difference! Please enjoy this year-end report celebrating your impact.

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I just wanted to say "Thank you"...

I just wanted to say “Thank you” for another wonderful week of camp for my son. He had a great time and could not stop talking about camp the whole way home.  I am looking forward to doing the kindergarten camp next year with my daughter, if it’s still offered. She was quite bummed she couldn’t join her brother(she’s only 4) and she asked me all week when she could go to camp.

You all made such a wonderful impression on our first visit 4 years ago that we will ALWAYS return to PHOC!   Thank you also to  your wonderful staff and counselors and all the hard work they put in all summer. We are blessed to have these wonderful people touch our kids’ lives! So again, a big Thank you to you and your staff!

Camper Parent