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Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp is a Non-Profit charitable organization. All gifts are tax deductible.

You create life changing moments!

Pray • Serve • Give

Your gifts of time, talent, and treasure ensure that children and their families continue to encounter Jesus Christ when they attend Summer Camp at Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp in Ohio.

For those who give time, thank you for praying, thank you for visiting, and thank you for producing maple syrup. Thank you caring for the social and spiritual needs of camp and campers.

For those who share talent, thank you for maintaining what exists and thank you for building what is new. Thank you for every way you meet the physical needs of camp and campers.

For those who give treasure, thank you for networking, thank you for buying (and selling) maple syrup, and thank you for giving sacrificially. Thank you for seeing and generously meeting so many financial needs for camp and campers.

Thank you for creating opportunities for people to meet Jesus. Your investment is more significant than you can imagine.

Get Involved!

GIVE: Change a life by investing in the life of a child. Learn More.

SERVE: Give time and talent. Discover mission opportunities for you and your group. Learn More.

PRAY: More than anything else, ministry happens here to honor Jesus, and your prayers for the campers who come here each summer are truly the most valuable thing you can give. Learn More.

Your involvement lets children encounter Jesus, build great relationships, and care for creation. Thank you for giving camp to kids!

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I just wanted to say "Thank you"...

I just wanted to say “Thank you” for another wonderful week of camp for my son. He had a great time and could not stop talking about camp the whole way home.  I am looking forward to doing the kindergarten camp next year with my daughter, if it’s still offered. She was quite bummed she couldn’t join her brother(she’s only 4) and she asked me all week when she could go to camp.

You all made such a wonderful impression on our first visit 4 years ago that we will ALWAYS return to PHOC!   Thank you also to  your wonderful staff and counselors and all the hard work they put in all summer. We are blessed to have these wonderful people touch our kids’ lives! So again, a big Thank you to you and your staff!

Camper Parent