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Looking for an alternative to snail mail to message your camper? Send them an email and they will receive their message at lunch!  

Emails and Photos are password-protected for your child's security for each week of camp.  The weekly email/photo password are given out at registration.  To receive a new password you will need to call the camp office at 419-938-3715 to confirm your identity.  

Emails must be received by 11:00 AM each day for lunch delivery.  Emails received after 11:00 AM will be delivered at the following lunch.

When you write your camper keep in mind that there are good letters from home that are positive and supportive, but there are also letters that may unintentionally lead to homesickness.  Check out this article summary from

How do I write a good letter from home?

A good letter from home is newsy, upbeat, and encouraging. It sends a cheerful hello and gives a positive report about what's been going on. It's good to instill confidence and support your child's growing independence. Avoid mentioning sad things that your child can't do anything about. Hearing bad news may make kids feel helpless which might lead to homesickness. It's fine to say that you miss your child, but don't say you are miserable.


"...wonderful camp experience!"

"Thank you so much for giving my son a wonderful camp experience! This was Josh's first resident camp. I was looking for a positive and nurturing setting with kids his own age and I definitely found it in Pleasant Hill. He will definitely be back next year. Thanks again."