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Adventure Camp Overview (Ages 8 - 13)

Join us from Sunday to Friday for our action-packed adventure as we enjoy Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp's most popular camp session! Zip-line, rock wall, mountain bikes, mountain boards, and tons of other camp classics! Brace yourselves, because this week will be the talk of the dinner table for months to come.

Camp check in is on Sunday from 3pm to 5pm.

Camper check out is Friday (Wednesday for Mini Camp terms) at 4pm, and is preceded by a short closing ceremony at 3:30pm.

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Dates & Session Fees for Summer 2020

    Price per week  Explore Additional Scholarship Options

June 7-12- Cancelled                         Early bird (before May 31st)- $390                     After May 31st- $425                

June 28-July 3- Full Week                       Early bird (before May 31st)- $390                     After May 31st- $425

July 5-10- Half or Full Week             Early bird (before May 31st)- $250 or $390        After May 31st- $285 or $425

July 12-17- Full Week                              Early bird (before May 31st)- $390                     After May 31st- $425

July 19-24 - Full Week PHOC Olympics  Early bird (before May 31st)-$390                     After May 31st - $425

July 26-31- Cancelled                              Early bird (before May 31st)- $390                     After May 31st- $425

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Typical Adventure Camp Daily Schedule

7:15 Rise and shine
7:30 am Morning Exercises
Fun songs and silly stretching get us ready for an active day.
8:00 am Breakfast
Usually a hot breakfast like pancakes, eggs, and sausage, etc... Of course, there is always cereal, juice, and milk, too.
8:30 am Cabin Clean-Up and Prepare for the Day
Returning to the cabins provides time to straighten our bunks and get everything we need for morning adventures.
9:00 am Ignite (Morning Worship)
10:00 - 12:15 am Activity Rotations
Campers attend morning activities along with their cabin mates and counselors. This provides a chance for friendships to develop as everyone tries new things together. It also allows campers to decide which activities they would like to spend more time with later in the day.
12:15 pm Lunch
Over a nutritionally balanced meal, campers sign up for the activities they want to attend in the afternoon. Cabin clean-up scores are announced, and camper mail and emails are delivered.
1:00 pm FOB (Flat on Bunk)
Campers head back to the cabin for some rest and relaxation.
1:45 pm Lake Time
Swimming, Canoeing or the Water Trampoline!
3:00 pm Choose Your Activity Time! (Camp Store Open)
Campers may choose from any activity open to their age group, and they may move freely between these activities. Open activities include mountain biking, canoeing, swimming at the lake, water slide, zip line, climbing tower, vertical playpen, camp store, archery, carpet ball, tether ball, checkers, chess, and more.
5:30 pm Supper
Lasagna, chicken fingers, homemade mac and cheese, and pizza are just a few of the meals we serve at supper time. 
Note: One evening each week, campers head for the woods to cook their dinner on a campfire before they sleep under the stars during cabin night out.
6:30 pm Evening Game
The program team facilitates a camp-wide group activity for EVERY camper and staff member.
8:00 pm Evening Chapel
Each day closes by focusing on the ways Jesus cares for us. From crazy camp songs and funny skits to worship music and meaningful dramas, this interactive learning time helps each of us pursue a stronger relationship with our Creator.
9:30 pm Bed Prep
Back at the cabin, campers prepare for bed with final drinks of water, bathroom use, tooth brushing, fluffing of pillows, and any other preparations necessary to ensure that everyone is comfortably settled in for the night.
9:45 pm Cabin Devotions
Once everyone is in bed, campers each share something they loved or learned during their day. Then, the cabin spends a few minutes praying for each other and for others at camp. share a bedtime story
9:55 pm Lights Out
When the lights turn out, counselors use their flashlights to read a bedtime story and sing a lullaby while campers drift off to sleep.

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What Others Are Saying

"Our ten year old son, (Ben), just returned from a week at Pleasant Hill. To better understand the situation, I need to give you a little background. (Ben), our only child, was adopted from Russia at the age of 11 months. And up until last Sunday, he had never spent a night away from us. We are a little protective to say the least. We advised Chris, his counselor, to expect a few challenges and to call us if necessary. According to our son, Chris helped him through some very rough times. Because of his patience and kindness, (Ben) now has a new level of confidence and pride in his abilities. I am so impressed with the time Chris took to calm and reassure a very homesick child, helping him to overcome his fears and make it through the week. Many would have opted for the easy way out, leaving a child with a sense of failure that they would carry with them for a long time. We are so grateful to Chris for what he has given our son and would appreciate if you could pass that on to him."