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The Basics

Our Core Values: Christ • Community • Conservation

We Dream... That every person will experience and embrace the amazing love of Jesus.

We Work... To be a community that lives and loves like Jesus.

We Promise:

  1. You will be safe.
  2. You will be challenged.
  3. You will be loved.

Our Background

The Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp in Ohio has operated since 1953. We are a summer camp and seasonal retreat facility for children, youth and families. Operated by a volunteer Board of Trustees, we are staffed by an Executive Director, Office Director, Program Director, and many seasonal summer staff and volunteers.

A Christian Camp by design, we are dedicated to providing a safe and exciting recreational camp program that integrates biblical truth into daily life, provides a week full of fun and growth for campers, gives development and rest to ministry leaders, and leaves a lasting positive mark on each person who attends.

What we Believe about the Camp & Retreat Experience

  1. Most realizations about life, relationships, and God happen in the context of shared experiences. It is central to our mission to be a part of a lifelong continuum of these memorable moments that resonate with our guests, motivate life change, and result in Kingdom impact. These moments give camping an invaluable role in spiritual formation of the Christian faith.
  2. The outdoor setting has always had a unique way of disarming our hesitations, dissolving our reluctant spirits, and giving us a context for simplicity. Its remoteness displaces us from our routine so we can hear God better and breathe in His life. We provide a place where our guests can silence the distractions of life and find true rest in Christ.

We will:

  1. Provide Christian leadership in camping programs by surrounding this place with people who show by their lives and relationship a witness to their commitment to Jesus Christ.
  2. Increase each camper's awareness of God's revelation in nature and in the fellowship of those who share camp life, worship, study and recreation.
  3. Demonstrate and encourage by our business practices and by our program content a commitment to respect and conserve the natural resources which God gives us in His creation.
  4. Serve the Church by providing camping experiences for youth, and by offering professional development and respite opportunities to ministry volunteers and professionals.
  5. Serve the community by hosting groups to use the camp facilities and by providing the setting needed to conduct customized camping or educational programs.

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"You guys were amazing!"

I know my son, Carter, had the BEST time! You guys were amazing! Thank you! I thought for sure that he would get (a little) homesick, but he told me that he would have liked to have stayed for two weeks! Did I mention, he's 7, and it's his first time?! I could hardly get him to leave :)