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Finishing Touches Matching Gift

Construction on the new camp housing project is finally coming to close, and with only two major tasks remaining, a generous donor has offered $3000 in matching gift money to move toward full completion of this project.

The two tasks that remain are:

  • Covering the exterior of the foundation.
  • Grading and landscaping the site.

In addition to the matching gift opportunity, another donor has already provided the stone necessary to cover the foundation, and yesterday the first of the stonework began.

The end is finally in sight! Thank you for all you have given to this point. If you are able to give toward the final stages of this house project, you may CLICK HERESimply choose "Finishing Touches Matching Grant" when submitting your gift. The first $3000 dollars donated will be doubled!

Thank you. This incredible space is already blessing staff members, building community, and being used to share Jesus with everyone who visits.