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Celebrating the Staff

"I may be a duck, but I don't waddle." or "What did the grass say to the lawn mower? AH! Don't cut me!" are just two of many inside jokes that our staff shared all summer long. After a summer of intense work and lighthearted fun, we want to say a very serious thank you to the 30+ high school and college students who poured out their hearts for Jesus and for the campers this season.

Even when days were hot and long and when kids became noisy or whiny, our team saturated everything with the Gospel. They laughed with campers having fun, they cried with campers who shared stories of deep pain, they studied with campers who asked deep questions about Jesus Christ; but, most of all, they lived life like Jesus did. They constantly looked to serve the needs of others before serving themselves.

Thank you to every one of you who served this summer! We miss you already, and we can't wait to see you next season.